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Valid from 1 January 2014.

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2014 Fare: 1,35€/journey


Bus Card: 7€ (2€ for deposit and 5€ charge)

2013 Fare: 0.74 €/journey

You can travel while you have balance enough in your travel card. It allows transfers within one hour. You must swipe the card to validate it each journey you make. Return trips on the same line are not considered as transfers.
When new travellers are incorporated to the Bus Card, the time left to make a transfer will count since the first journey paid with that Card.


“Buho” Service single ticket: 1€
General fares are applied for passes and Bus Card.

Card charges can be carried out for amounts of 5€ or its multiples, up to a maximum balance of 60€.

Bus Cards can be charge at the AUZSA Customer Service Office (Centro Comercial Independencia, Shopping Centre, Floor -1), at the Zaragoza City Council, at Gobierno de Aragon Headquarters located at Edificio Pignatelli and Pza. de San Pedro Nolasco, at Zaragoza University (Pza. San Francisco and Centro Politecnico Superior) and at more than 600 points located in Ibercaja, CAI, Bantierra, Eroski, Decathlon Gran Casa, Estación Delicias, Martin Martin and newsstand. The charge points can be identified by a Bus Card Logo.
The location of the charge points can be consulted at the website

30 – 90 and 365 day TRAVEL PASSES
30 day Travel Pass: 42.95€
90 day Travel Pass: 104.90€
365 day Travel Pass: 359.45€

You can use the bus with no limit of journeys for 30, 90 or 365 calendar days from the first journey you use the Travel Pass on.
These passes are untransferables and must be shown at the requirement of the driver or any authorised personnel and it must be without amendments and have to be validated in the ticket swipe device.
Application for passes
They must be requested at the AUZSA Customer Centre Office (Centro Comercial Independencia, Shopping Centre,  Floor - 1). You must fulfil the application form providing also a recent close up 5x7 photograph, and present it together with your original Identity Card.


 The 30, 90 and 365 day Travel Passes can be charged at the same points that the Bus Card.


All Travel Passes which have a discount must be issued and charged at AUZSA Customer Service Office.

Youth Card*
- Discount in 90 and 365 day Travel Passes
- Any person younger than 30 years old who has a valid Youth Card can obtain this discount. They must present a both sides photocopy of their Identity Card together with the original one in order to check it.

2013 Fares
90 day Pass: 78.65€
365 day Pass: 269.60€


AVANZA Customer Service Office
Centro Comercial Independencia, Shopping Centre, Floor -1)
Av. Independencia 24-26
Opening hours
Monday to Friday, 9:30 to 14 and 17 to 20 h.
902 39 2008
Follow us at: @buszaragoza


Everybody from the age of 4 up must have a valid and properly validated ticket to travel
The ticket is free for those children between 4 and 8 years who properly validated their own Ciudadana Card.

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